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Live Roulette TV – A Fun Way to Play Roulette

Live Roulette TV – A Fun Way to Play Roulette

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Nowadays, roulette enthusiasts can find a lot ways to enjoy a game of roulette. Apart from the conventional way of playing through land based casinos, you can now play roulette online through the use of the internet. Furthermore, roulette players can now play live roulette TV games. Roulette games played online and live roulette TV games are very convenient ways to play roulette and this convenience is basically the reason why millions of roulette players all over the world patronize these kinds of roulette games. If you are among those who want to start playing a live roulette TV game, read on to learn more about this kind of roulette game.

What is a Live Roulette TV Game

As mentioned above, live roulette TV is one of the alternative ways of playing roulette. In a live roulette TV game, a real casino roulette wheel is used. The roulette mechanics applied in playing roulette in land based and online casinos are also applied in playing live roulette TV games. The roulette wheel, the dealer and the ball will be seen on a live roulette TV game. It is like a live casino on TV or a television program showing a live roulette game.
In a live roulette TV game, a European roulette wheel or the single zero roulette wheel which is composed of numbers 0 and 1 to 36 is often used.

Like the usual roulette game, the dealer on a live roulette TV game will spin the wheel.

The spinning of the wheel will be done every three minutes. So, roulette players must be able to make their bets within that given time. Roulette players can make their bets using the telephone or through certain roulette websites. To be able to make a bet on live roulette TV games, you must be 18 years old or above, you have to register to the roulette website of your choice and you need to have an email address as well.

Live roulette TV games are often aired on Sky, Freeview and Freesat. It is normally broadcasted for 24 hours and from Monday to Sunday. Usually, early morning live roulette TV games have their wheels placed on auto spinning mode but this does not really affect the game and you can still play the game during these times. In the UK, the most popular live roulette TV shows include the Supercasino, Challenge Jackpot Roulette Nation and Smart Live Casino.

The Betting Systems That You Can Use in Playing Live Roulette TV Games

In making your bets on live roulette TV games, inside and outside betting systems can be used. Inside bets include straight-up or betting on a single number, split or betting on 2 numbers, street and trio or betting on 3 numbers, corner or betting on 4 numbers and six line or betting on 6 numbers. Outside bets on the other hand include betting on odd or even, red or black, betting on numbers 1 to 18 or high, betting on number 19 to 36 or low and dozen or column bets or betting on 12 numbers. Apart from making inside and outside bets, you can also use combination bets.

Playing live roulette TV games is like playing roulette in offline or online casinos except that you are sitting comfortably in front of the television. A live roulette TV game does not really require you to have other special skills or knowledge except that of the roulette rules, betting systems and strategies to use in playing roulette.

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