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Casino Craps

Casino Craps

You are sure to find a lot of fun from many casino games, particularly if you choose to play online, as these are examples of games which in some cases have entertained people for centuries and continue to be popular to this day. One of the games that we absolutely recommend to you if you are looking to have some fun is casino craps, which is a great option for anyone who just wants to enjoy themselves rather than having to spend too much time thinking about craps strategy or trying to beat other players.

We can explain how the game works, but it is important to realise first of all that you do not have to memorise all of this in order to be able to play casino craps at all.

The dealer will take care of everything for you once the bets have been placed and the dice have been rolled, so there is no need to worry about keeping the rules in your head of which numbers cause what outcomes in each round or anything like that. When you have the basic concept in mind, all you have to do is to start playing, and you are sure to find that most of the elements of play make their way into your consciousness after you have been looking at them for a while.

That is all the effort that you need to make to memorise the rules, as they will play out according to the set principles whether you know what they are or not! Now that you are aware of this, let us describe how the game takes place. You should know that you can start the game at any point even if a round is already underway, or in other words you can place a bet at any time unless the dice are rolling or the game has finished! However, if we presume that you are there from the beginning of the first round, then this is how it all works: you start off by placing a bet, either on the pass line or the don’t pass line. It is up to you which of them you choose, as they are roughly equal in terms of their chances of coming up, and most players will develop a preference for one or the other as they play which will then form itself into a habit and become the bet that they always go for.

Once you bet has been placed, and the bets of any other players at the table if you are playing live, then it is time for the real action of casino craps to begin. First, someone is nominated as the shooter; this is a position that runs around the outside of the table and changes every round, though of course each round can go on for quite a long time  or it can be over in a second!

This is one of the great elements of craps that a lot of people really enjoy, as it means that you can get a really unpredictable game which might go in any direction at any moment. In order to simplify things, we can say that after the shooter has rolled the dice, one of three things is going to happen: either the croupier will announce that the pass bets have won, or that the don’t pass bets have won, or that a point number has been established. It all depends on which exact numbers have come up on the dice, but the fact of the matter is that only these three outcomes can possibly take place. Of course, if the pass bets win then the don’t pass bets lose, and vice versa. Once a point number has been established, the game format changes slightly in that the outcome depends on certain numbers coming up on the dice rather than each number having a certain outcome, so things are reversed slightly: now either the point number will be rolled again or a seven, and whichever of them happens first is the event that decides which bet wins. In the event of the number being neither a seven nor the point number, the dice just have to be rolled again.

This is why you can sometimes end up with a game of craps that goes on for rolls and rolls, but there is no danger of starting to feel bored while you wait to find out if your main casino craps bet has come in or not.

Other players may join the table at any time in order to place what is now referred to as a come or don’t come bet (with the distinction being made in order to indicate that they placed their bet after the point had been established). Those who are already at the table can also choose to place side bets during every single round, each of them only lasting for the duration of one throw and giving you the chance to try and predict what you think the next numbers to come up on the dice will be. You can predict the overall total that you will see or you can even try to predict the exact numbers which will come up on each dice in order to make the total, and it is all up to you.

This can be a great source of entertainment as well as giving you the chance to win some extra cash even if your main bet does not come in!

The fact that there is so much flexibility in the way that you play the game is one of the reasons that casino craps is so popular, and once you have played it for yourself you will certainly understand how it can be such a popular game with people around the world. This is the kind of casino game that is never going to go out of style, as it is a classic and iconic example of the kind of game that we always expect to see.

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